Current Tenants

Services for Current tenants:

In case of emergency please call (416) 618-9113, this number does NOT accept text messages

Please note emergencies are as follows:

  • Burst Water Pipe
  • Power Outage
  • No Heat Situation

Tax Receipt Request

Tax Receipt Request

Notice To Vacate

Please fill out the following N9 form and submit it via the prompt below: Notice to Vacate – N9 Form (PDF)

For all units with multiple tenants, in addition to filling out the N9 Form (above), please refer to the following link – Schedule of Parties for Multiple Tenants

Notice to Vacate

Other Services for Tenants and Applicable Fees:

*Fees are subject to change without notice.

SUBLETTING – $100 Processing Fee

To sublet, the tenant and the subtenant are required to complete and submit a sublet agreement, as well as other documentation stated on the sublet agreement. To request a sublet agreement, please email

LEASE ASSIGNMENT – $200 Administrative Fee

Transferring your lease is an option for tenants who wish to break out of their lease within the one year term. The tenant is responsible for obtaining a potential tenant to take over the lease. The potential tenant is required to submit an application for approval. To provide notice for an assignment of your lease, please email

AMENDMENT TO LEASE AGREEMENT – $150 Administrative Fee

Should the tenant/s request an Amendment to Lease Agreement, there will be an administrative fee of $150.

UNLOCKING THE DOOR – ,$85 during the week between 9am – 5pm; $150 at all other times

During business hours, tenants can call the office at (416) 530-4900 to request their door to be unlocked by YorkWest. You may call the emergency line at (416) 618-9113 if you are calling outside of business hours. Please note, these numbers do not accept text messages.


Should a tenant request/require a new or additional lock, there is a fee of $230.

KEY/ FOB REPLACEMENT – $80 for each key / $125 for each fob / $250 for a garage remote

If you lose your key, YorkWest can provide you with a replacement key for the above cost. The Tenant is responsible for picking up the key(s) at the office.

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