I am landlord and need clarification on leasing services vs property management services. What is the difference?

When you hire us to lease your rental, you're asking us to find you a tenant and complete a thorough due diligence. If you want us to manage your unit, you're asking us lease your unit and continue to be your tenants' contact throughout the length of tenancy. We would collect rent on your behalf in this case, complete all repairs, reconcile your expenses etc….

Complete Management Services are for landlords who like the advantages of having a rental unit, but just don't have the time to take care of all the necessities around it.

I broke up with my partner within our one lease year term. What should we do?

That's a bummer, but sadly it happens often. One of the biggest mistakes that tenants make in this situation is forget about all their obligations. We strongly encourage you to work together to ensure that your responsibilities continue to be met. You can always contact our office to discuss all of your different options.  But the worst thing you can do is to just leave and abandon the unit.  Landlords do have ways to recoup money from you in the future and it's always best to just work things out amicably so that you're not detrimentally affected.

I have a dog and a cat, will you let them live with me?

We believe that pets are family. So most of our rentals are pet friendly. However, there are cases where the Landlord may be living in the same building and may have allergies.  Some condos also have some pet restrictions.  But approximately 90% of our rentals are pet friendly.

My fridge is not working, what do I do?

Call us! We will send someone to look at anything that may be wrong with your apartment ASAP. If something is happening in the middle of the night, you can call us then also. We are here for you, all the time.  But most tenants will contact us thru our website and that's fine too!

If I rent from you, am I paying higher than rental market for the services that you provide?

Absolutely not! The landlords we represent are often just too busy to handle their investment units themselves and just want to leave everything to us and prefer a hands off experience. Our prices are always within the market value range. From time to time we will get feedback that we may be slighly higher and we of course bring that to the attention of the individual landlords so that they can adjust their prices accordingly.

I’m a newcomer to Canada, I have absolutely no references. Can you still assist me?

Absolutely! We have helped hundreds of newcomers to Canada attain their first rental. We are happy to assist all. We come across this situation all the time and have helped our landlords be open to newcomers and international students!

Condo Vs Multiplex? Which one should I pick to live in?

This really depends a lot on your own interest and personality. A lot of tenants prefer condominiums for all the services it offers including washer and dryer in the units, condominium amenities (ie. gym, party room) and concierge services for all those packages you order from amazon. But some really don't like condos because they don't want the hassle of waiting for an elevator or they just may not like the of living with so many people under one roof.

Multiplexes are usually more unique than condos in that they have more character, offer larger indoor spaces and most times some kind of outdoor space as well. At the same time, someone who is quite sensitive to noise may not necessarily enjoy living in a multiplex because noise may travel a little more so.

Both of these types of rental do offer pros and cons. Your own preferences and budget will likely dictate the type of rental apartment you end up with.

Why do you have some negative reviews?

There is no blanket answer to that question.  We can tell you that we strive at all times to make this experience as pleasant as possible for everyone involved.  However; landlord and tenant relations do sometimes get complicated especially when tenants do not pay rent or do not comply to rules and regulations as it pertains to the Residential Tenancies Act or Condominium By-Laws. If we represent a Landlord whose tenant is not paying rent or is violating any rules, we have no choice but to act accordingly. This may sometimes lead to an eviction. This is the case in a few of our negative reviews. A tenant may feel that they have been wronged because they did not pay rent and was subsequently evicted. As a tenant you do have an obligation to pay rent. If you're not able to pay rent, our office has helped dozens of tenants thru difficult situations especially throughout the pandemic.

To give you another example, one of our other not so pleasant reviews indicated not wanting to do business with us. This tenant was found by the condominium building security, on multiple occasions, allowing their pet to defecate around common amenities in the condo. From there, a slew of actions were taken to make sure that this does not continue to happen for obvious reasons. Common amenities are to be enjoyed by all residents in the condominium community. Those amenities are difficult to enjoy if you smell and see pee and poop all the time, We think you would agree.

The point is this: There are always two sides to a story. What you read is not always going to be the complete picture of the event or circumstance. 

Why do you need me to send a last months’ rent deposit with my application?

We do not deposit this last month's rent deposit unless you have been approved. If you can imagine, we get lots of potential tenants letting us know that they are interested and we simply can't process everyone's application. This allows us to identify which tenants are serious about renting the apartment so we can therefore focus on that individuals'  application and it's timely execution. But don't worry, if for whatever reason, you are not approved for the rental, you can simply cancel the transfer on your end and you will not incur any administrative fees.

I have bad credit. Does that mean you won't approve me for an apartment?

We get this question often. Every tenant is treated on an individual basis and we look at each situation and the history in detail so that we understand where the negative impact on your credit score may have transpired. For some, it might be that cell phone bill you didn't pay when you were 18. For others, it may be a more complicated situation such as a divorce. Either way, our job is to look at the big picture rather than just looking at your credit score number (aka beacon score).

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