Rental Services for Tenants

Whether this is your first rental unit, or you're looking to change from your current rental situation, we are here to help. We have assisted landlords and tenants in thousands of rental transactions over the last two decades and have helped different people from all walks of life including students, professionals, families and individuals coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, we are here to assist.

Our rental services is free to all tenants. We can assist you with any of the rental offerings currently available on our site. We can also assist you in any rentals currently available for rent in

Our applications process for any rental in our website is as follows:

  • Complete the fillable rental application on our website. We will contact you as soon as we receive it.
  • Provide last months' rent deposit via e-transfer to . This transfer will not be deposited unless your application has been approved and both the tenant and landlord have agreed to all terms
  • You should expect your credit to be checked and your landlord and employment references to be completed. If you do not have any of these, don't worry we are still able to assist. Simply let us know your own personal situation so that we can convey your situation to the Landlord
  • Once your application has been approved, you will be required to sign an Ontario Standard Lease Agreement. This can be signed at our office or via docu-sign

Once your lease has been signed, we will continue to work with you on everything else that you may need assistance on including transfer of utility services, key pick up, post dated cheques etc…

If you end up renting a unit that we manage for the Landlord, we will continue to be your point of contact during the length of your tenancy. If we do not manage the unit that you will be residing in, we will simply provide you with your Landlords direct contact information on closing.

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