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York West Developments provides quality property management services and rental units throughout the downtown Toronto core. With more than 20 years of experience, we have established a reputation for meeting and exceeding our customers' needs.

Core Value

Non-discriminatory tenant application process inclusive of all

Customer Service

High level of service by going above and beyond


Providing knowledgeable, hands on and personalized experience for over four decades


Offering valuable full service options to both tenants and property owners

What People Say


I would like to thank York West for the 4 years I spent in one of their units. The location was perfect and my neighbours and apartment were great! York West is very professional and were quick to respond to any needs or concerns that I had, making my stay a great experience! Thank You!

Michael F

Fantastic service and over and above helpfulness. Thanks to the entire team for all your help as we are from out of town you really made our purchase and rental easy. All the best and hope to do more in the near future.

Abigail J.

I am writing to offer thanks to your company. In a difficult situation they listened to our personal circumstances and offered flexibility finding a compromise. I appreciate the attention of running the business at the same understanding human feelings and situations. Their willingness to find a compromise solution was very helpful.

Lisa F. & Vita G.

In the search for someone reliable and dependable to keep an eye on our investment properties York West Developments was referred to us with high praise. From first contact we found the York West team honest and knowledgeable. Our tight schedule made the rental investments unrealistic. York West has made the option not only viable but a satisfying experience. Anyone who has owned rental properties knows the difficulty one has to endure when dealing with demanding and problematic tenants. The staff at York West however immediately assumed responsibility for our properties and put our minds at complete ease. In addition they have been efficient, reliable and pleasant to deal with. I highly recommend York West and his team to anyone considering in pursuing rental properties as a means of investment.


The management was A+++ I have lived in many apartment buildings in Toronto, and I have never been looked after as well as York West Developments looks after its tenants. They are extremely proactive. Whenever I had an issue, I would contact York West and they would get back to me within hours. The staff are extremely personable and not looking to take advantage of anyone like a typical landlord does. My entire experience was easy, breezy, and beautiful CoverGirl. My only issue was with the unit itself. Like any rental in Toronto, the prices are insane for what you get. But that's just life!

David L.

I have been a tenant with York West for the past few months. I can only say that as a landlord they are very reliable, cordial and fair. I have been so satisfied with our relationship that I have been actually furthered it by opting to continue doing business with them. On every occasion that a problem arose, ranging from personal to menial, York West promptly responded in finding a solution. Any tenant who should have York West as a landlord, should be so lucky.This letter is my response to my deep satisfaction and appreciation of doing business with York West.


We lived in a York West Development apartment for almost three years and loved our apartment and the location! During our time there, our concerns were always addressed promptly and professionally by Yorkwest. We will miss living there!

Miranda D.

I am writing to let you know that I am very pleased and appreciate all the work and timely nature in which York West gets the work done. They are prompt to reply and return calls, efficient when doing the work, disturbing the household as little as possible and never leaving a mess to clean up after them. They are thorough and pleasant and helpful to deal with. I have nothing but kudos and thanks for the team.

Kevin & Elley

Thank you York West for your kindness and consideration. I hope you're always happy!

Doug M. & Jessica F.

To everyone at York West, thank you so much for the delicious bottle of wine! What an unexpected treat!! We really appreciate everything you've done for us over the years and want to sincerely thank you for being so great to rent from. Our apartment really feels like home and so much of that is due to how great everyone at York west is! Thank you again!


YWD has been fantastic. Great response time on any issues my roommate and I had (though there was very few). Personable and friendly staff, always offering up espresso and even a bottle of wine when we moved in! Would recommend!


The team at York West Developments are a pleasure to work with. My place was tenanted within one week of it being listed on MLS. YWD found reliable tenants, were accommodating, and addressed any concerns in a timely and efficient manner. I highly recommend using their services.

Christian C.

I have enjoyed my stay and have had nothing but a positive experience with York West. York West has been very accessible, attentive and quick to respond to any issues relating to the apartment. Sadly, I'm planning to leave the country and want to ensure that you get a full two-month's notice.

Marilyn L.

I just wanted to thank you very much for everything you did for my daughter Jackie C. and myself yesterday. We are grateful for the immediate attention you gave us. Both of us were very impressed with the unit and she' s so excited about her move next weekend. I believe she is very fortunate to have an apartment under your management. From what I saw yesterday and talking to you, it sounds like you operate a well-organized business


My experience with York West Developments was completely positive. The property was well-maintained, the space was aesthetically unique and rent was more than reasonable. Someone was always able to answer my questions and maintenance requests quickly, and Janet took special care to ensure that I felt welcome and safe. Renting from this company was truly a no-brainer!

Marcel M.

Dear York West, I would like to thank you for the swift, friendly and competent way your staff tended to us. I always had the feeling that we were in good and fair hand and it made our stay at your property a calm and peaceful one


I had a great time renting with York West, they were always on the ball and would help us with anything that we needed. They were kind and friendly to deal with in person. I truly enjoyed their swift response to maintenance requests.

Adam D.

I was a tenant with York West for two years. The service received from York West was great. I wasn't treated as just a tenant, but a person. They were always friendly, and understanding. When there was a problem with anything, they worked quickly to resolve it. I thank you for the time spent as a tenant, and wish you much luck in the future. Next time I'm looking to rent in the city, you're the first ones I'll be calling.


My time renting with York West Developments proved them to be a very reliable, trustworthy, and conscientious    Rental company. My cats and I felt right at home in our cozy one bedroom unit. I highly recommend York West to other young professionals in Toronto who are looking to rent in a clean, quiet, and calm atmosphere.


Over the last year, York West Developments have been helpful and accommodating. They are very responsive and proactive. I appreciate their constant professionalism and efficiency in all of our interactions. In the few times I needed to contact the office, they ensured they would go to any effort to make sure an enquiry was resolved in a timely manner. Thank you for being so great to work with and for making the rental so easy.

Keegan C.

I stayed at one of the York West properties for 1 year and they were incredibly genuine and professional from the start! When I saw my apartment, I knew it was perfect and Janet helped me through all the necessary steps to call it home. I found comfort in knowing that my landlord would be a well established company. To me, that meant issues would be dealt with in a timely manner and I would never feel neglected. I couldn't have been more spot on! On a holiday Monday, I lost my house keys, and the next morning they were at my apartment by 11am with a fresh set. If ever there were any issues with heating or water, they we're dealt with immediately. I had the best experience in my luxurious apartment with York West – definitely sad to be leaving. Thank you to everyone at York West for curating an experience I'll never forget – the standards for landlords have been forever heightened.

Lisa S.

I was having trouble renting out my condo and it stayed vacant for three months. I finally approached York West after they were referred to me. It took them no time at all to make suggestions about what features tenants are looking for in a rental. They rented my apartment in less than a week!"


I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know Liz and I have been really, really happy with the maintenance staff recently. We had to call in on the weekend as the heat was way too high, and they came within a couple hours and followed up with a text and everything. Every time we need to get in contact with them they are so quick to reply and fix the problem, it really makes us feel even more comfortable in our apartment. I know it's always so much easier to complain then to send out good news, so I figured it would be nice for you to know your guys are doing a great job :)


As a tenant, what I have appreciated most is that York West Developments respects and understands that their tenants are making homes and living lives in these rental properties. There is a balance of professional and personal treatment that I find rare in property management companies. They have been responsive in regard to maintenance and repairs. They have been courteous and communicative. They also appreciate that their vetting process, which brings respectful and responsible tenants to them, in turn brings good neighbours to those of us who rent in multiplexes. I have been very happy as a tenant and would rent from York West Developments again (and send parting thanks in particular to Janet at York West, who has been stellar). Thank you again for everything


I am pleased to go on record stating that Yorkwest Developments has been managing my suite for the past 3 years and has been an exceptional company. As a company,  Yorkwest is attentive, knowledgeable and professional. As people, they demonstrate true care for their tenants.

Eric A.

I have been a tenant at York West for more than two years and have found them to be respectful of privacy and very professional. All I have to do is give the office a call if I have a problem and I know it will be fixed quickly. The apartment I had previous to renting at York West was run by a Landlord who took forever to do anything and would actually avoid simple maintenance calls, so imagine the breath of fresh air it was for me with York West. Also, I have found the company to be accommodating when possible, they even let me move in to another location early because I was flying out of town on the first of the month

Christian C.

I have lived at a York West property for about a year. Do far, I've had nothing but positive experiences with the company's maintenance department. Staff are accessible and friendly, but most importantly, they get the job done quickly. It's routine to get a phone call before staff begin work, explaining how they plan to fix a problem. Afterward, as a courtesy they touch base again, explaining the work that was done and any special instructions, if necessary. They are clean, punctual, and while on the scene, it's not uncommon for them to fix other potential issues — and even, on one occasion, take out my recycling.

Shareen R & Cameron D

We have nothing but positive comments about York West Developments. Moving from Halifax to Toronto can be a daunting task but York West and their friendly staff made it a breeze. Emails and phone calls are responded to within hours and always provided us with ease about our lease and building. In addition, York West works with their tenants to ensure they have exceptional experiences from start to finish! Thank you for making our first year in Toronto easy and enjoyable!

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